Via Geoff Gillis of Intratecque:

What’s happening, is a paradigm shift. A new way of approaching life and business in general. Basically, no longer will any of us sit on the sideline and show deference to the undeserving. After all, who isn’t more deserving of this sh*t than us? Truth is, NOBODY. We have paid enough dues in the form of time, humility and sweat equity to start 50 businesses. So the money didn’t match the run. What we gained in experience will surely turn that sweat and those tears into the ultimate freedom. Successful entrepreneurship. Now as I sit back and admire some of the moves my OG has made recently, I realize that cultivating your own point of view is just as important as helping those around you cultivate theirs. If there was any one lesson that I learned over the years during my career, is that you MUST put as much time into your brand as you put into others’. Even IF that other brand is paying you dumb bread. Don’t let your brand or point of view get overshadowed. With that said, We Introduce … Intratecque. A full service, multimedia, management, and marketing consultancy. Long story short, we work on projects that we like. Hopefully you’ll like them too. Over the next few weeks, you will witness firsthand, the development of the Intratecque brand. No Talk. Just Action [Please trade Marshawn Lynch to the NY Football Giants]. For our first act, we teamed up withMalcolm Norris and his Trnsprtdigital crew to curate the sound of St. Valentine’s Day 2014. Massacre or Lovefest ? What happens tonight is your call. Our call was getting with the “Harmony King” himself, DJ Topspin aka Blendiana Jones, to blend a collage of carefully selected tunes, appropriate for a special night on the town. The Color of Money Volume 1 takes you on a musical voyage through the 1980s, showcasing the creativity of vintage Black glamour. Download as you will. Share with whoever you’d like. We’ll be releasing a new volume every quarter, as well as releasing new weekly podcasts in partnership with our good friends at Trnsprt. Whatever you do tonight, be responsible, pop Champ, and listen to this…

Download Here : Trnsprtdigital Presents : The Color OF Money Vol. 1



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