What’s good music lovers? Reminisce with me for a little bit. It was the Summer of 2001. I had taken a trip / pilgrimage to the Mecca of Hip-Hop, NYC, alongside Seattle heavyweights The Sharpshooters (rare record archivists & producer extraordinaires Mr. Supreme & Sureshot). It’s well known that something FLY happens damn near every day in NYC, especially during the summer months, & on July 21, 2001, Supreme & I were fortunate enough to make it to the now defunct Tower Records location ‘On Broadway’ in Manhattan to catch the neo-soul crooner w/ the MAJOR buzz @ the time, BILAL, perform LIVE on the very day his debut album was released. I’d copped my own video tape & borrowed Supreme’s camcorder to record the golden child @ work in front of a packed 1st & 2nd floor full of onlookers. Less than a month later, I was now in possession of my own camcorder & lucky enough to catch ERYKAH BADU in concert touring in support of her sophomore release, ‘Mama’s Gun’ @ one of Seattle’s flyest waterfront performance venues to date; the now defunct ‘Summer Nights On The Pier’ (Piers 62/63) concert series.  Legality be dammed, I sat up in those bleachers & recorded a little bit of her magic. I had the pleasure of also catching D’ANGELO, on his legendary ‘VOODOO TOUR’, perform there LIVE a year prior, in the summer of 2000. Lucky me. The good ol’ days.

Enjoy the bulk of BILAL’s LIVE in-store NYC release-day performance, a healthy portion of E.Badu’s Seattle set, as well as a complimentary neo-soul mix of popular joints of the time, including the first song I ever heard my homegirl, Seattle soul songstress CHOKLATE on, a feature / duet with our fellow music maker CANDIT. Enjoy!



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