“… I hold my head, MJ gone…” © Kanye West – All Of The Lights

They say that ‘the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree, I’d have to agree. It continues to trip me out, but my son Pharell, a HUGE MJ fan, has indeed inherited my ear for harmony. About a year ago (he was 7 @ the time, mind you), we were riding on the freeway in my Tahoe & Battlecat’s ‘Playground’ beat, from ‘G & Sexy’, his collaboration album with his production understudy Amplified, came on. After it ended, one of Pharell’s favorite remixes came on, HIStory (The Ummah RMX). After the vocals kicked in, my son tells me that I ‘should mix those two together, you know how you do it Dad, put the Michael Jackson voice over the other beat’. That alone had me swerving initially, lol. Wild…

2 years after his passing & I can tell you 1st hand that Michael Joseph Jackson’s musical legacy lives on.



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